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What makes network marketing different? Why is it such a powerful tool, and yet, so misunderstood?

“I am Free” is a story about Dan. He’s a successful professional who’s put in the time and climbed the corporate ladder. He makes good money, lives in a big house, and his family is happy…or so you think.

Dan wants something more, something his job can’t give. Find out how a chance meeting with an old friend dispels Dan’s preconceptions and sets him on a path to freedom.

David Delevante is a sought after speaker, trainer and motivator. David runs a hugely successful network marketing business and is grateful for the many ways in which his life has changed. Prior to becoming involved in network marketing, David worked for 20 years as a Naval Architect. At the age of 44 Dave was able to quit his 20+ year career to pursue his passion for health and financial freedom full time. Dave, his wife, Trish, and four children are living the life of their dreams in Virginia. They now live in their dream home and pursue their passions in life such as health related activities, billiards, church activities and just time together. Through their journey they have never lost their passion to share the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and residual income with everyone they know.

To learn more about how to live healthier and earn an additional stream of income, visit David’s website

C.G. “Carlos” Cooper grew up in a Navy family and spent his younger years on military bases around the world. After college he served in the Marine Corps. He currently resides outside of Nashville, TN and is the author off the Corps Justice novels, The Chronicles of Benjamin Dragon and is the Founder of “The Mentor Code” series.